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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who Is The Dream Whisperer

(Follow the exploits of The Dream Whisperer in The Dream Whisperer Chronicles.)

(Seattle, Washington)

My name is Sarah Amane Watanabe.
I am The Dream Whisperer.
My purpose in life has been mandated by The Horrorwalker --
To walk among the dreams of men, and creatures,
And right the wrongs that rots their souls!

I am the dream fox that eats the dream carrion.
I am the Black Turkey Vulture that swoops into a dream to remove the rotting dream carcasses.
I am the dream fire that burns and clears away the brain choking dream weeds.
I am The Dream Whisperer...
Whose purpose has been declared by The Horrorwalker!

My Okasan was visited by The Horrorwalker, in Osaka, when I was in her belly in June of 1985. My parents moved to Seattle in July of 1985 and I was born in September of that year. She has told me, many times, the story of The Horrorwalker's visitation upon her and she has always read to me the story it made her read from its Tome.

Her Horrorwalker story is my Horrorwalker story -- The Dream Weaver's Path! And she has informed me throughout all of my life that I am the The Dream Weaver, proclaimed by the Horrorwalker itself ... and that in time, I will realize my true purpose in being chosen by The Horrorwalker to walk among the horror.

I am The Dream Whisperer... and do not be alarmed when I come to your dreams. Here are some of my adventures, encounters and explorations into the dreams that haunt Horrorwalker World minds.