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Monday, April 15, 2013

The Conclusion Of "I Can Hear You, But I Can't Find You."

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"I Can Hear You, But I Can't Find You."

I was late to post this Dream Whisperer tale.
An unexpected power outage is a real horror show.
The Dream Whisperer is back, now...
And you can follow her as she cleanses dreams of true horror!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Can Hear You, But I Can't Find You!

Barbara Mallory... I can hear you calling my name when I've fallen asleep every night for the past six days. I hear you in the deepest part of my subconsciousness, even when I am awake. I know you desperately need me, and I am here for you.

But, I do not know where you are. There is an image, so clear... and here it is, Barbara. What does this mean? Where are you? Whose footsteps are these?

Usually, I can use my ability to focus onto the direction of a victim of a dream attack of the mind like the tip of the magnetic needle of a compass pulled to the powerful magnetic north. For whatever reason there is... I cannot find you.

Have you been captured?
Are you being held against your will?
Are you being harmed?
Are you drugged?
Are you even in America?
Where are you, Barbara?

I sense deviancy, Barbara. I feel the force, the brutality, of... rape? I do not know, Barbara. I do not know.

I will go to sleep now, Barbara. The time is 11:32 PM. When I fall asleep naturally, I am at the height of my power. I must be clean of all drugs, sugar, salt and especially Monosodium Glutamate. These substances and compounds short circuit my abilities to different degrees, with MSG completely turning off my ability.

I have fasted for two days, now. I am purged, strong and ready to receive your calling. Start now, Barbara, and tell me where you are. Think... think hard... project your mind to me. You found me in our dreams. Now, tell me your location!

As soon as I know where you are I will know how to help you. I will then awaken and we will meet. Now... let us both sleep... sleep... sleep... so that I might come to your rescue, Barbara. Sleep, sleep, sleepppppp...


(To be continued 4-15-13 in The Dream Whisperer Chronicles...)