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Friday, September 6, 2013

From The Dream Whisperer Chronicles -- IN 4 D

A Dream Whisperer performs her duty in the simplest abstract. 
Here is another friend made --
A friend saved --
Her mind made clear by me...
The Dream Whisperer!


Friday, July 5, 2013


 Horrorwalker Travel Guide Presents:


Don’t speak right now.
Hush, be quite.
Listen carefully.
Can you hear it in the distance?
There is a particular sound that follows you in this dream.
It sounds like quiet poetic chanting.

Is it originating from your ears?
Is it coming from your mind?
Is it the sound of your true reality?
Listen carefully, for there are things a 2 year coma will take from your dreams.
Pay close attention to your dream surroundings.

The whispers in the dream are definitely real.
The whispers tell a sordid tale from the depth of your id.
Right now you do not understand anything.
So, the whispers are a nightmare.
It's the conclusion that seems to never transpire.

It is as simple, and wrong, as a run-on sentence.
There is no period to signify the end.
Wait, in the distance, is that the answer you seek?
Did I just provide you a bit of clarity?
Did the streaking neuron flash of light give you the truth?

Continue to dream about butterflies devouring dragons.
Your bizarre dreams do not have to make always make sense.
Sometimes the human mind must confront the insanity lingering in memories.
When the dreams no longer provide a battle arena for the confrontation…
That is the time when madness can overcome reality and leave you harmed.

You are safe now, Millie of the dream state of the killer butterfly.
I have touched your derision and discovered a mind sane and healthy.
You have also looked into a corner of my dream state.
You now know one of my dream state self-control secrets.
I give to you that gift to heal yourself for the sake of your children.

The only question remaining for me from our interaction is…
‘Do I allow you to retain the memory of our encounter?’
I will consider what to do about that when I awaken you in the morning.
For now, I want you to sleep the dreamless sleep of rest and renewal.
Very soon, you are going to need as much mental strength as possible.

Your physical rehabilitation will be intense and draining.
I wish I had the ability to straighten your twisted limbs.
But, I know you are a strong female warrior inside your being…
You will be walking again, very soon, I am confident of that.
And, I will make sure your children dream of a healthy mother.

Robert is going to you right now.
He doesn't know why he is compelled to be by your side.
When you awaken, you make sure you tell him about the butterflies.
You tell him the butterflies can devour the dragons in your life.
You have six little butterflies awaiting your return to motherhood.

So, now enjoy the sleep of the Dream Whisperer induced.
You can thank me one day later down the road of life.
It was my pleasure to step inside your mind to bring your peace.
It was my pleasure to meet your family and give them hope.
Marcus, your youngest, has quite an imagination -- he found me for you!


Monday, April 15, 2013

The Conclusion Of "I Can Hear You, But I Can't Find You."

Click on the Chronicles tab at the top of the page to read the conclusion of 
"I Can Hear You, But I Can't Find You."

I was late to post this Dream Whisperer tale.
An unexpected power outage is a real horror show.
The Dream Whisperer is back, now...
And you can follow her as she cleanses dreams of true horror!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Can Hear You, But I Can't Find You!

Barbara Mallory... I can hear you calling my name when I've fallen asleep every night for the past six days. I hear you in the deepest part of my subconsciousness, even when I am awake. I know you desperately need me, and I am here for you.

But, I do not know where you are. There is an image, so clear... and here it is, Barbara. What does this mean? Where are you? Whose footsteps are these?

Usually, I can use my ability to focus onto the direction of a victim of a dream attack of the mind like the tip of the magnetic needle of a compass pulled to the powerful magnetic north. For whatever reason there is... I cannot find you.

Have you been captured?
Are you being held against your will?
Are you being harmed?
Are you drugged?
Are you even in America?
Where are you, Barbara?

I sense deviancy, Barbara. I feel the force, the brutality, of... rape? I do not know, Barbara. I do not know.

I will go to sleep now, Barbara. The time is 11:32 PM. When I fall asleep naturally, I am at the height of my power. I must be clean of all drugs, sugar, salt and especially Monosodium Glutamate. These substances and compounds short circuit my abilities to different degrees, with MSG completely turning off my ability.

I have fasted for two days, now. I am purged, strong and ready to receive your calling. Start now, Barbara, and tell me where you are. Think... think hard... project your mind to me. You found me in our dreams. Now, tell me your location!

As soon as I know where you are I will know how to help you. I will then awaken and we will meet. Now... let us both sleep... sleep... sleep... so that I might come to your rescue, Barbara. Sleep, sleep, sleepppppp...


(To be continued 4-15-13 in The Dream Whisperer Chronicles...)

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Who Is The Dream Whisperer

(Follow the exploits of The Dream Whisperer in The Dream Whisperer Chronicles.)

(Seattle, Washington)

My name is Sarah Amane Watanabe.
I am The Dream Whisperer.
My purpose in life has been mandated by The Horrorwalker --
To walk among the dreams of men, and creatures,
And right the wrongs that rots their souls!

I am the dream fox that eats the dream carrion.
I am the Black Turkey Vulture that swoops into a dream to remove the rotting dream carcasses.
I am the dream fire that burns and clears away the brain choking dream weeds.
I am The Dream Whisperer...
Whose purpose has been declared by The Horrorwalker!

My Okasan was visited by The Horrorwalker, in Osaka, when I was in her belly in June of 1985. My parents moved to Seattle in July of 1985 and I was born in September of that year. She has told me, many times, the story of The Horrorwalker's visitation upon her and she has always read to me the story it made her read from its Tome.

Her Horrorwalker story is my Horrorwalker story -- The Dream Weaver's Path! And she has informed me throughout all of my life that I am the The Dream Weaver, proclaimed by the Horrorwalker itself ... and that in time, I will realize my true purpose in being chosen by The Horrorwalker to walk among the horror.

I am The Dream Whisperer... and do not be alarmed when I come to your dreams. Here are some of my adventures, encounters and explorations into the dreams that haunt Horrorwalker World minds.